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Attendance Policy

All practices (including extra scheduled practices) rely on 100% athlete participation and are therefore MANDATORY. Crush Cheer All-Star coaches recognize that missed practices are unavoidable for an entire competition season. That being said, there are three categories that these absences fall into: Excused ( missed practices that are unavoidable and sufficient notification is provided to coaches), Unexcused(Absences not displaying 100% commitment, i.e. birthday parties, extracurricular activities that conflict with practice, etc.), No Call/No Show(Absences that occur without notification).

In case of an excused absence that is expected (required school activities, etc.) the parent is required to notify the Crush Cheer
All Star coaches at least TWO weeks in advance. Athletes are required to attend ALL scheduled competitions and show-offs, even in the event that a competition organization changes a date or location, or the schedule is changed due to competition bids earned during the season. These are MANDATORY and if missed could result in dismissal from program.


Behavior Policy

A positive attitude is expected of both the parents and athletes regarding the Crush Cheer All-Star program at practices, competitions, and during competition travel. This includes respect for all coaches, athletes, and other parents at all times. Should you have a concern regarding the Crush Cheer All-Star program, please communicate directly with the Crush Cheer director(s), as this is the quickest way to resolution. Do not discuss concerns with other athletes & parents, as this is detrimental to the program and spreads negativity.

Any conduct or behavior not found to be promoting a safe & positive environment is not tolerated, and may result in dismissal from the Crush Cheer All-Stars program. Parents and athletes are required to direct any problems or concerns to the Crush Cheer All-Star coaches, NOT other athletes or parents. If a situation arises, it will be handled at an appropriate time apart from practice by setting up a parent meeting with the coaches. At least two Crush Cheer coaches will be present at every parent meeting.